Vape products are safer in our stores.

Vaping products are safer in convenience stores where identification is verified by a clerk.

Convenience stores actively promote the practice of age verification for adult products in our stores with our ID Please program. We have a proven track record of compliance with age verification.

We are regulated, experienced, trusted.

Convenience stores have a proven track record as responsible sellers of age restricted products of all kinds, compared to online and vape shops. A trusted seller of products like lottery and alcohol, we maintain the same high standard for vape products.

Know the facts about vaping sales.

  • Products are easily accessed online without effective age verification or through black market sites.
  • Convenience stores sell only select flavours of pod-based vape products.
  • Often the first time a minor tries a vape product they get it from a friend or family member.
  • Convenience stores keep vape products hidden from view and adhere to strict age verification policies.
  • Convenience store clerks are trained to check I.D. and do so more effectively than websites and vape shops.

We encourage the federal government to establish a framework for an evidence-based, anti-youth vaping strategy. See our 5 point plan to combat youth vaping here.