Press Releases

Released April 16, 2024:CICC Statement on Federal Budget 2024

Released March 26, 2024: CICC Statement on Ontario 2024 Budget

Released March 21, 2024: CICC Response to Federal Announcement Regarding Nicotine Pouches

Released February 29, 2024: CICC Statement on Alberta 2024 Budget

Released February 23, 2024: CICC Statement on British Columbia 2024 Budget

Released February 14, 2024: CICC Applauds Contraband Tobacco Bust: $11M Worth of Tobacco Seized in BC

Released February 7, 2024: CICC Condemns BC Government Unilateral Decision to Restrict the Sale of Nicotine Pouches

Released November 21, 2023: CICC Statement on the 2023 Federal Economic Statement

Released September 20, 2023: Canadians Losing Billions to Organized Crime: EY Canada Report Commissioned by CICC finds that contraband tobacco market continues to grow; funding organized crime across Canada

Released August 22, 2023: National Convenience Week 2023: Chasing one-million-dollar fundraising total for Make-A-Wish Canada

Released November 3, 3033: CICC’s reaction to the Fall 2022 Economic Statement, with a specific focus on efforts to reduce credit card fees

Released August 26, 2022: National Convenience Week 2022 will build on $700,000 fundraising total for Make-A-Wish Canada

Released February 22, 2022: British Columbia effectively given up its fight against contraband tobacco

Released December 2, 2021: Convenience stores shocked at timing and dramatic jump of record minimum

Released October 7, 2021: Convenience Stores Propose Made-in-Ontario Beverage Alcohol Sales: Pilot would help Ontario producers and retailers grow

Released August 19, 2021: Record-breaking 3125 stores participate in National Convenience Week to raise funds for Make-A-Wish Canada

Released June 4, 2021: On the frontline to reaching the goal line: CICC Supports Peel Hockey Hub, but says can’t afford to be complacent

Released May 31, 2021: Newfoundland and Labrador Budget Disproportionately Targets Convenience Sector : Tobacco tax will fuel contraband industry 

Released April 20, 2021: BC Budget Will Help Illegal Market and Harm Local Convenience Stores

Released April 19, 2021: New Tobacco Tax in the Budget 2021 will fuel contraband

Released April 17, 2021: Nova Scotians Support More Beer and Wine Availability Through Convenience Stores

Released March 10, 2021: Ontario to recognize essential convenience industry during new “Convenience Store Week”

Released March 9, 2021: CICC Answers Ontario Premier’s Call for “All-Hands-On-Deck”. Convenience Store Distributors Volunteer to Assist with Vaccine Distribution – at No Additional Cost to Province

Released March 5, 2021: CICC Advocacy Win: Convenience Industry Receives Vaccine Priority in Ontario

Released December 18, 2020: Statement from Convenience Industry Council of Canada on Proposed Nicotine Regulations

Released December 14, 2020: COVID-19 Shutdown of Illegal Tobacco Manufacturing and Sale Leads to Spike in Legal Cigarette Sales

Released July 20, 2020: BC Regulations Fail to Address Youth Vaping

Released July 13, 2020: Convenience Industry Opposes Retailer Liability for Face Mask Usage

Released June 12, 2020: Convenience Stores Applaud Action on Organized Crime, Contraband Tobacco

Released February 28, 2020: Ontario Government Favours Appearance over Substance in Dealing with Youth Vaping

Released February 20, 2020: Convenience Stores Most Successful at Keeping Vape out of the Hands of Youth

Released January 22, 2020: 85% of New Brunswickers Support Sale of Beer and Wine in Convenience Stores

Released December 13, 2019: CICC Supports Vaping Priorities Outlined in Minister of Health’s Mandate Letter

Released November 22, 2019: Prince Edward Island Vaping Crackdown Will Drive Former Smokers Back to Tobacco

Released November 18, 2019: 3 in 4 Specialty Vape Shops Illegally Targeting Youth

Released November 14, 2019: BC Regulations an Attack on Convenience Stores

Released November 1, 2019: New Brunswick Government Taking a Good First Step – Now it’s time to level the playing field

Released October 25, 2019: New Vape Regulations Fail to Address Youth Vaping Issues

Released October 23, 2019: Convenience Stores mark Small Business Week by contributing to communities

Released September 13, 2019: Liberals pledge to eliminate swipe fees on sales tax: a win for Canadian convenience stores

Released August 27, 2019: Community leaders join convenience retailers to raise funds for Children’s Wish Foundation

Released May 27, 2019: Canada’s Convenience Stores Welcome Move to Expand Ontario Sales

Released May 1, 2019: Canada’s small business retailers demand action to fight illicit tobacco

Released April 11, 2019: Canada’s convenience industry welcomes Ontario budget actions that support small businesses

Released April 10, 2019: New poll reaffirms support for beverage alcohol in convenience stores ahead of Ontario budget

Released March 19, 2019: A strong middle class needs a strong and competitive small business community