Federal Advocacy

CICC provides a strong and unified voice to represent, manage and protect our industry’s reputation. As a channel that sells age-restricted products, we recognize that government must regulate, however, this must be done in a way that doesn’t add undue burden to our small businesses.

Our industry is well represented in Ottawa through participation in pre-budget consultations and the stakeholder lock-up as well as the Revenue Minister’s Underground Economy Advisory Committee.

We advocate on a range of issues, including:

  • Financial Services and Payment Regulation
    • Payment Framework Modernization
    • Credit Card / Interchange Fees
    • Tax Evasion and Avoidance / Underground Economy
  • Food, Beverage and Health
    • Tobacco and Vaping
    • Marketing to Kids (M2K)
    • Front of Pack Labelling (FoP)
    • Sugar and Caffeinated Beverages
    • Grey Market and Contraband Products
    • Healthy C-Stores / Food Deserts
  • Red Tape Reduction
    • Treasury Board Regulatory Review
    • Small Business Taxation
  • Transportation & Distribution
    • Fuel and Carbon Pricing
    • Regulation and Infrastructure
    • Cross-Border Trade Implications
    • Internal Trade
  • Employment and Skills Training
    • Newcomer Employment
    • Skills and Re-Training