Updated July 10, 2020: Our Mandatory Mask By-Laws List now includes information for the Peel and York Regions, Ontario as well as the current status for other provinces.

Updated July 9, 2020: We have updated our Mandatory Mask By-Laws List to now include requirements for Haliburton County, the City of Kawartha, Northumberland County, and Simcoe County and the District of Muskoka. 

Shared July 8, 2020: Some municipalities have ordered that face masks be worn inside stores. To assist our members comply with the varying requirements and enforcement dates, CICC has compiled this list of regional requirements. We will update the details as information become available.

Updated June 3: If you are looking for PPE products to purchase for your stores and businesses, please see this list of suppliers. Kindly note that in sharing these details, CICC is not endorsing any of the suppliers. 

Updated June 3, 2020: For current cross-country re-opening updates, please view our Full Brief.

Shared May 25, 2020: If you are looking for PPE products to purchase for your stores and businesses, please contact us for a list of suppliers.

Updated May 25, 2020: Further services are re-opening across the country. View our Full brief for detailed information on re-opening plans across the nation. 

Updated May 14, 2020: Alberta begins Phase One of its reopening plans in most of the province and Ontario announced re-opening plans for the long weekend and next week. For details view our Full Brief and Coast to Coast Update

Updated May 13, 2020: Newfoundland and Labrador have moved to its Level 4. Some Quebec lottery terminals have begun to reopen with sales moving to online online. View our Full Brief for detailed information on re-opening plans across the nation. View our Coast to Coast Update for a quick summary.

Updated May 8, 2020: British Columbia and New Brunswick have announced updates to their re-opening plans. View our full brief for details on re-opening plans across the nation. For a quick summary, see our Coast to Coast Update.

Updated May 7, 2020: Ontario and Quebec have announced updates to their re-opening plans. View our updates here and here

Updated May 5, 2020: The Quebec government has postponed the reopening of non-essential businesses in the greater Montreal region by a week (from May 11 to May 18). See our Coast to Coast Update for a snapshot of developments across the country and our Loosening Restrictions Brief for a more comprehensive summary.

Shared May 5, 2020: Do you still have questions about the Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy (CEWS)?
– Visit here to understand if you are eligible.
– To understand how the subsidy is calculated, view this CRA quick reference sheet.
– For instructions on how to apply for the CEWS, visit here.

Updated May 1, 2020: As some provinces begin to ease restrictions to reopen the economy, CICC will continue to to keep you up-to-date on provincial plans and any effects to the convenience channel. Our Coast to Coast Update provides a snapshot on developments across the country. A more comprehensive summary can be viewed here.

Shared April 14, 2020: Canadian Emergency Wage Subsidy Update

Shared April 14, 2020: CICC’s Be Kind Poster: guidelines for customers to follow to keep shoppers, store employees, and communities safe. Also available in French.

Shared April 9, 2020: If you a retailer receiving inconsistent messaging from visiting health department inspectors, help CICC help you. Please record and share your inspection experience with us via this tracking document. CICC will share these with health bodies so that can provide consistent guidance to their inspectors.

Shared April 7, 2020: Quebec Government Announces Supplement for Retail Employees in Essential Services

Updated April 6, 2020: Coast to Coast Update on Convenience and Gas Retailers as Essential Services

Shared March 27, 2020: Retail Council of Canada’s SOP for Managing an Incident of an Identified COVID-19 Case at Your Location

Released March 25, 2020: Canadian Emergency Response Bill (CERB Support) Passed

Released March 19, 2020: Best Practices for Convenience Retailers

Released March 18, 2020: CICC Summary of the Government of Canada’s COVID-19 Economic Response Plan

Released March 17, 2020: A Word from CICC on COVID-19